About Us

My name is Sha Shahveh. I am a recent naturopath doctor from Bastyr University. I've been worked as a researcher in two different areas previously. I am excited to use my previous skills in genetics and data analysis as a helpful tool to have a better patient outcome. I have several original plans which I create during my last year of school. , just recently started my practice, and I am hoping to develop my practice further. I am looking forward to implementing them as a part of my practice method. I believe it would be a joy for me to learn more during my practice. I'd love to discuss with my patient to have a better rapprochement through the underlying cause of their complaint. Also, attention to detail and the quality of the designed healthcare plan are significant to me!

Meet our clinic



I gained my master's degree in genetics and breeding in 2013. Then I started at Bastyr in 2016 to pursue a different experience in naturopath medicine and holistic treatment. Currently, student clinician at Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle. I enjoy being part of the team and help the patients to establish their health at our center.